Snuffle Ball Medium

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Premium Snuffle Balls are handmade in Tunbridge Wells from high quality anti-pill fleece braided around a hollow ball.

They make great interactive toys for your pet, and provide lots of enrichment! It’s sure to be a hit with your pup! Pop some of your dogs favourite treats in the hole (one hole is left open for you) and let them roll the ball around in search of the tasty treats! It encourages your dog to use their natural instincts for sniffing and foraging, while at the same time providing lots of mental stimulation. It’s the perfect tool for calming your pup after an exciting activity!

Snuffle balls can additionally be used as an activity for dogs who are perhaps on crate rest, or are older and have reduced mobility. Great for slowing down those speedy eaters too! You can also check out our Snuffle Mats which, like our Snuffle Balls, have all of the great benefits mentioned here too! 

Treats that we recommend for use in this toy include kibble and dehydrated/air-dried treats - avoid the use of wet or raw food with this item.

As with all toys, these items are not indestructible and the dog should be supervised at all times while using this toy. Check the item regularly for any signs of wear and tear.