Keep Calm Conditioning Shampoo 250ml

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Deep cleaning, while gentle on the skin and coat. Conditions, strengthens and helps reduce shedding. 

Keep calm contains a calming blend of lavender & patchouli essential oils and is ideal for distressed and nervous pets that need a little more calm in their life. With added rosemary and cedarwood, known for their antibacterial and insect repelling properties. This pH-balanced formula contains wheat protein, Oat kernel, Argan oil & Aloe Vera leaf juice to nourish the skin, as well as condition and soften the coat for easy grooming. 

Free from alcohol, parabens, soap, dyes and harsh chemicals. Safe to use with topical flea products. Leaping bunny certified by cruelty-free international. 


Suitable for all coat types including white breeds such as Westies, bichons, etc. Can be used regularly as the essential oils and natural ingredients keep the skin and coat moisturised.