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It doesn’t matter whether your pooch is an old timer or an excitable pup, sometimes the pull of the poo roll is too strong. Our dog grooming wipes are the all-round solution to getting the grime off your mucky pup.

As dog lovers, we know it’s not always practical to get your pongy pooch in the bath. Plus, over-washing can be harmful to their skin and coat.

However, with our durable, fresh-scented grooming wipes you can top up your pet’s grooming routine without damaging their skin. Our wipes work as part of our dog grooming product range to help bust the dust when a bath is out of reach.

Keeping your furry friend clean as a whistle is vital to ensuring you have a happy healthy dog. A regular grooming routine is key to ensuring their coat remains glossy and lush. These wipes work perfectly either as part of that dog care pattern or as a quick fix when Fido finds that pile of fox… well you know the rest.