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It’s super important to keep your pet’s ear canals as clean as possible. Luckily our dog ear cleaning wipes fit conveniently over your finger, making them ideal for ensuring your furry friend’s lugholes stay as muck free as possible.

Just like our dog eye cleaning wipes, these ear equivalents come pre-soaked in aloe vera to make short work of your pooch’s itchy, grimy ears.

It’s recommended to clean your dog’s ears on a weekly basis, this is especially important when it comes to floppy ears or pets with skin allergies. In addition, if your pup thinks they’re actually a dogfish and loves nothing more than jumping headlong into the local pond or river, it’s best to give them the once over then too.

If left unchecked, your hound’s hearing parts can get mucked up with dirt, wax and other unpleasantness to leave them feeling irritable and smelly. Some weeks it can feel like you’ve wiped half the park out of your pup’s ears. But those muddy walks are the most fun, right?

However, those build-ups can be a breeding ground for nasty bacteria and, if you don’t stay up to date with your dog’s grooming routine, this gunk could go on to cause all manner of infections. And how are they going to hear the rustle of the treat bag from 3 miles up the road with mucked up lugholes?

Our dog ear cleaning wipes are just what the vet ordered. So why not check them out as part of our wider dog grooming product range.