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We love our dogs, so it's no wonder that we like to treat them from time to time! And if not for you, how about the dog lover in your life. Our deluxe Hamper is filled with tasty treats and an eco toy.


The hamper includes:

Tiddlers 75g

Packed with proteins, oils and vitamins to build and maintain health


Beef Hearties 140g

100% beef heart, air-dried to hold in all the natural goodness.


Yakity -Yaks Puff Nuggets 75g

Puff nuggets are handcrafted from yaks milk cheese, then smoked to form a hard tasty chew. This is heated up and just like popcorn, it puffs to make a light, crunchy snack.


Lucky Duckies 100g

Lucky Duckies delights are 100% natural, rich in iron, easy to digest and a great source of protein and amino acids, which helps support strong muscles.


Luv Hearts 100g

These tasty little Luv Hearts a baked training treat. They're grain-free, rich in liver, no dairy and no artificial colours or flavours.


Ox Liver Deli Bites 40g

Liver is an excellent source of copper, iron, niacin, phosphorus and zinc. They're naturally air-dried and low in calories and fat.


Yakity-Yak Chew Medium

Low odour and long-lasting these chews are great for dental health too!


Easy Antler Large

Our premium antler chew is from the highest grade, naturally shed antler from free-ranging deer. Natural teeth cleaner, low odour.


Fish Sprinkles 165ml

Fish sprinkle is 100% responsibly sourced fish,  caught off the. sunny shores of Cornwall.  Rich in Omega 3 and fish oils, simply sprinkle onto your dogs meal or enrichment toy.


Eco Dog Toy

Our range of eco toys are made from pure jute and split leather. The toys are twin stitched over four layers of jute, filled with cotton jute rope, waste cotton or a recycled plastic bottle. These toys are natural, renewable and recyclable.

*The toy will vary from the image