Soopa Pets

Priding themselves on being one of the few manufacturers of delicious and super nutritious food treats and supplements for dogs, Soopa Pets provide a carefully developed range of delicious, naturally nutritious health-benefitting superfood chews and treats for dogs of all sizes. Offering genuine, healthy promoting benefits in every pack, Soopa Pets manufacturer pure state vegetable and fruit treats for dogs, packed with natural yumminess from 100% natural superfood ingredients.  They're low in fat, hypoallergenic, packed with beneficial enzymes that clean teeth, help digestion and support canine health, and they're suitable for all dogs, including those with dietary restrictions or health issues including obesity, diabetes, liver disease and pancreatitis. Offering simply natural treat choices, Soopa Pets offer four product ranges, including chews, dental sticks, healthy bites treats and dinner toppers packed with goodness.  Each product is made using only 100% natural ingredients, with no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, grains, gluten, sugar or salt added.  They're vegan and vegetarian, with the entire range being completely free of animal ingredients, using only carefully select ingredients to ensure optimum taste and nutrition in every pack.